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Metal Colours Ltd -  Zinc and Manganese Phosphating

Phosphating: Metal Colours Ltd offer a manually operated phosphate service with an operating window 1200mm wide x 1200mm deep x 660mm. Two phosphate treatments are available, zinc and manganese.


Zinc Phosphate: Zinc phosphate by immersion provides a fine-grained crystalline coating on iron and steel and is an excellent paint base providing parts with "bare" rust protection so they do not have to be painted immediately. A zinc phosphate also provides maximum resistance to corrosion for paint finish. Medium weight zinc phosphate coatings are normally used as a lubricant carrier for less severe cold forming operations such as tube drawing or sheet reduction. Heavy weight zinc phosphating provides an effective base for forming lubricants and soaps, and rust preventative compounds.

Manganese Phosphate: The manganese phosphate processes provides a thick coating with a large crystal structure and is mainly used for engineering components that require break-in or wear-in and many vehicle and aircraft specifications refer to manganese phosphating. Typical components include gears, steering parts and axle pinions etc which are required to work under heavy loads often at high temperatures. Manganese coatings tend to be dark grey to black in colour and therefore are often used with oil as a self-coloured corrosion resistant semi-decorative coating.


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