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Metal Colours Ltd -  Powder Coating

Powder Coating: An automatic powder coating line offering a complementary finish to our other surface treatment services.

Benefits: Powder coating is an ideal method of adding a colour or aesthetic coating to a zinc or zinc-nickel item. Thermosetting powders, having a wide field of use, are well established. Automated process plant and a powder utilisation in excess of 95% ensure that powder coatings offer a viable commercial option to conventional industrial liquid paints. A high gloss, decorative and, depending on polymer, corrosion resistant finish with excellent cover on sharp edges is obtained with powders. Semi-gloss, matt, metallic and textured finishes are also available. Areas of use include automotive components, point of sale equipment, garden tools, satellite dishes and audio speaker housings.

Colour Charts: Click these links to see our colour charts: BS4800 - BS381C - Pantone - RAL

Polyester Powder: Recommended for use on exterior fittings where high resistance to weathering is required, and suitable for products used at elevated temperatures due to its high resistance to yellowing.

Epoxy Polyester Powder: A high performance product, classified during manufacturing and recommended for use where good chemical and detergent resistance is needed. Combined also with excellent decorative appearance and ease of application, is the advantage of good colour stability.

  Polyester Powder Epoxy Polyester Powder
Film thickness 50-70 microns 30-70 microns
Full gloss 85% + @ 60° 95% + @ 60°
Semi gloss 50-70% + @ 60°
Matt 25-35% + @ 60° 20-40% + @ 60°
Scratch BS 3900 E2 Pass 4kg
Impact BS 3900 E3 Pass 80 in/lbs BS 3900 E3 Pass 100 in/lbs
Humidity BS 3900 F9 No blistering after 1000 hours (zinc phosphated steel)
Salt Spray/ASTM B117 2-4mm creep after 1000 hours (zinc phosphated steel)
Heat Stability No yellowing on continuous exposure up to 130°C or intermittent exposure up to 140°C No yellowing on continuous exposure up to 110°C or intermittent exposure up to 130°C



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